Getting the Little Blighters to Eat

Getting the Little Blighters to Eat explains clearly and simply the changes you need to make to stop fussy eating in your child.

It’s a quick and easy read

It only takes about an hour!

It is broken down into short, easy to absorb and remember ‘rules’

For you to follow around food and at mealtimes.

It’s endorsed by a leading NHS Specialist Paediatric Dietician

Anna Groom works with extreme fussy eaters and their parents on a daily basis.

“What I love about this book is that it’s frighteningly simple…I’ve only had it a week or so but am seeing benefits already.”


“Lovely tone, clear, easy to read, funny and convincing.”

Victoria Neeve

“Wish I had had this book a long time ago.”

Margareth Hatherell

Which Food Will You Choose?

An ingenious and entertaining picture book to entice your little fussy eater to look beyond ‘beige’ and explore a whole new colourful world of food! Enjoy the story together and choosing foods from the deliciously illustrated pages of all red/yellow/green/orange/purple foods – and then take your child to the supermarket to play the game in real life! Recommended by paediatric dietitians, it’s a fun and effective way to coax your child out of their comfort zone around food and encourage them to go for something new and different!

“My 3-year-old has picked this book every bedtime since we received it a week ago! He loves the interactive side of it and it’s prompted so many questions and conversations about new foods he says he wants to try. So I’d say that’s a success!” 

Aaron K.

Getting The Little Blighters To Behave

Here, in one little book, is everything you need to know to make your day-to-day life with your children easier. Based on in-depth interviews with child psychologists, it gives you all the techniques, tactics, tips and tricks that research shows really do work!

“The progress with my children’s behaviour has been miraculous thanks to this book!”

Grace Willis

Keeping The Little Blighters Busy

A book bursting with refreshingly different ideas that you’ll enjoy doing as much as your children! Set them a Supermarket challenge or take them on a Straight Line Walk. Try Lucky Dip Cookery or Pin in a Map Sketching. You can also find a whole bunch of other out-of-the-ordinary ideas on my blog The Quirky Parent!

“LOVE IT. My 8 year old daughter has placed ‘to do’ and ‘to do again’ bookmarks in almost every page.”