1:1 consultations

If you’d like individualised advice and support, I offer 1:1 consultations by video call. Every fussy eater and family situation is unique after all. I can give you the clarity, confidence and motivation you need to take action to turn your child into a happier, healthier, open-minded eater.

What does the consultation include?


Before we talk, I will ask you to (secretly!) video a typical mealtime with your child/ren from beginning to end. This gives me huge insight and allows me to advise you very personally and precisely.

60-minute video call

We will discuss your child’s fussy eating and behaviour around food in detail. I will feed back to you on your mealtime video, give you clear and precise advice on what to do differently (and why!) and answer all your questions and concerns.

Action plan

Afterwards, you will receive your personal plan of action which outlines everything we’ve discussed for you to refer to and stay on track.

Follow-up email support

You can contact me with any new questions or concerns that crop up as you put the plan into action. (And we always think of things we wish we’d asked afterwards, right?!)

Contact me to book a consultation or arrange a free 15-minute call to discuss your child’s eating and decide whether it’s right for you.



Subsequent sessions if required


I don’t want to turn anyone away who is struggling with their child’s eating so reduced prices are available for low-income families.

Here’s what other parents have said after their one-to-one sessions...

“My son had been fussy for as long as I could remember and by 2.5 years wouldn’t even come and stay at the table. We’d use bribery in the form of 5 chocolate buttons to get him to eat! I had regular sessions and it was a gradual process but his attitude to food has changed 100% since working with Claire. The first big change was to introduce a technique that got him to the table willingly. Mealtimes are now calm and fun and he is interested and excited about what we’re going to eat. He now eats vegetables and a wide variety of lunches and dinners, from mild curries to pasta with different sauces to risottos to cottage pie. He also tries new meals willingly, most recently at the weekend, black bean and red pepper chilli with coriander! Feeding him is a positive experience now! Claire’s follow-up plans were thorough and very useful – and gave me a ‘boost’ when things weren’t going well. It was also really helpful to be able to email Claire when I needed to run things past her between sessions. A massive thank you for turning things around for us!”

Ellie Edwards-Mann

“My son became fussy when he was 2 years old. I read Claire’s brilliant book and was ‘all guns blazing’ to start the approach, but cue the arrival of the newborn, and well … it was back to the ham sandwiches we went! Claire gave me detailed feedback on the meal that I recorded and her advice was invaluable. I learnt so much and couldn’t wait to put it into practice. We are working on improving and increasing the foods my son will eat and mealtimes are definitely less stressful and more enjoyable now. I feel very positive!”

Roisin Fearon

“There’s always been peaks and troughs to my fussy eater’s diet, but at its worse, it was limited to a handful of foods and we previously dreaded every mealtime! We’d read the book and tried to implement a number of changes, but with mealtimes regularly ending in flung food and tears (usually mine!), we decided we needed help. The consultation was immensely helpful. Claire had studied the recording of our mealtime carefully and explained what to do differently in detail. Her perspective gave me insight I would never have considered. The follow-up plan was massively helpful and easy to apply and I started implementing the advice immediately! She has also been incredible in answering all my questions and concerns following the consultation. Thank you for being so helpful and patient.”

Charlotte Smith